Monday, February 29, 2016

Bring Someone Special Dance

Nolan and I went to the Bring Someone Special Dance at his school last week.  I was super surprised he wanted to go an anticipated millions of meltdowns and breakdowns and tantrums.  He woke up Saturday with a nasty cough which just heightened my expectations.  As the start of the dance approached he started to balk but after some dinner he got dressed in fancy clothes with no arguments, and was excited to go!

So off we went to his school.  We intentionally got there 30 minutes late.  We checked things out, said hi to some friends, took some silly photo booth pictures and then he finally let loose!
This guy had so much fun!  And I had fun too!  We danced, he spun with his dude friends.  He said hi to his non-classroom friends.  He played invisible, no contact pillow fighting (which looked like invisible sword fighting).  He had so much fun!  I'm so happy he asked me to come with him!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wrap me up

The past two days Emily has asked me to wrap her up in her chair instead of going outside to get Nolan on the bus.  When I come back in she's still sitting like this.  I think it's hysterical!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I'm trying.  I had a bunch of posts to write but I can't figure out how to access my photos!  sigh.  OK, it's possible I figured it out!!!  Goodness!  
So it's possible that dave might kill me but I cut emily's hair today.  It was getting long and stringy looking, she wouldn't let us put it up or do much to it. I made an appointment to have my hairdresser cut it and Emily whined and moaned saying she wanted me to do it.  So I did. 
And I'm sorry but it doesn't look half bad!  Her hair is so fine and patchy anyway, it's hard to see where or if any mistakes were made.  I think it's cute!   

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Peabody Museum of Natural History

ooh, its been 8 days.,..  sorry about that!  so you see, I'm trying to do this blogging thing more regularly but I take pictures mostly with my phone these days... and sometimes the uploading to the computer doesn't work... excuses, I know...

So the kids had a funny school vacation this week.  They had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off.  On Tuesday we headed to the Peabody Museum in New Haven.  Of course, we had an ice storm monday night so the roads were sheets of ice on Tuesday.  Except the main roads, they were fine. So we cancelled our plans and then reinstated them!

We headed down to arrive at opening time knowing the museum would be busy.  And I'm spoiled to be able to enjoy most museums with my family on weekdays, sometimes we are the only ones in the museum!  It's blissful.  The Peabody is really cool museum, very history, some really amazing finds, not a 'kids' museum but fascinating for all ages.  But it's small.  Surprisingly small.  The walkways are narrow, the stairwells are narrow.  There were tables set up (in the way) to have games and touch-a-fossil table and while it was super cool, I was so incredibly frustrated.  Annoyed.  Irritated.  I don't know why but I couldn't shake it. And in retrospect my crappy mood ruined this outing for me and my memories... I blew it for myself.  Hopefully not for my kids...

The highlights of this museum to me was the ant farm (I know, now the dinos?  hello!!!).  It was so unbelievably cool and ran along the entire wall of the discovery room with 10s if not 100s of thousands of leaf cutter ants working, carrying, marching.  They also had these huge dinosaur skeletons (were they real?  I have no idea) and giant skulls of triceratops and other HUGE headed dinos.  And I got to touch a t rex tooth.  THAT was cool.  The building itself could be a museum, an old brown stone 3 story building.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Give A Hug

Nolan has been working on How-To books at school.  You know, sequencing and order etc.  I just LOVE the pictures he draws and the stories he think up.  For a while they all ended with 'then I go home' which wasn't so fun.  But he's branched out and occasionally some come home that are just adorable.  This one is called How to give a hug.
First you put arms out

Next you find a person
Last you squeeze
This is in our keepsake box.  Oh my word, I can't stop thinking about how adorable this is.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Turning a Corner? I hope so!!

For anyone with ears, you'd know I've struggled terribly with this guy.  He's stubborn and angry and easily frustrated and a control freak... just like me.  I've had a hard time accepting him for who he is and for how he acts.  But it's possible we are turning a corner.
Maybe he's misunderstood.  Maybe he's just tired.  You know, all of those 'excuses' you make for your child being difficult.  We do it from when they are born: maybe it's a growth spurt, maybe he's teething.  But really, maybe it's just them.  Or maybe it's just me/us.  Who knows, but it's no secret, he is tough.  My mom, who stays for weeks at a go has lamented that he's 'just really difficult'.  That's validating but it also sucks.  

So a few days ago Nolan said he was going to start acting like a big kid.  And know what?  He's different!  Like really different!  Like when we tell him to do something, he has been making an effort to do it!  When we tell him to go play for a few minutes while I do x, y or sit in the bathroom waiting for Emily to poop, he will.  He's been great.  Fun.  Not a lot of tantrums.  From either of us.  And that feels awesome.  

So I decided to risk it yesterday.  I decided to try to teach him to play a game- UNO.  The last time we tried to play games he threw the game at me because he suspected he was losing (he hadn't even lost yet!!!)  So maybe this was a mistake but know what??  He LOVED it.  And Emily could play too!  It's a teenage mutant ninja turtle uno game which makes the ability to know numbers unnecessary so Emily could play too.  We play open-handed and its fun!  He won a few games yesterday, then he lost some and he didn't freak out!  He didn't cry, he didn't throw anything.  It was really lovely.

So fingers crossed that this didn't jinx us.  I just need to be prepared to play hours worth of UNO for the next few weeks... 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Christmas Carrot

On Christmas eve Emily devoured a carrot, intended for a reindeer.  She just grabbed it from the plate and munched on it for the remainder of the evening.
The strange thing is, a month later, she hasn't eaten another carrot.  It's possible we'll need to wait until next Christmas for this to happen again.
Or maybe we should buy carrots more often than once a year...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Get Away

We went on a little winter get-away last weekend, a place called Coco Keys outside of Boston.  We had a great time!  Of course, a few hiccups, as is to be expected when traveling with kids, but overall a great time.
 One of the appealing things about this resort was the kid suite.  There were two little beds and their own tv in their section of the room.  This was Emily's first experience with a bed, even though we brought a rail, she got out a zillion times and stayed up later than both nolan and daddy on the second night.
Another appealing thing was donuts for breakfast.  And lots of TV.  The kids really loved eating while sitting on the floor (well, nolan did.  Emily loved the idea of it).  We also had a carpet picnic the first night with our delivered pizza.
 The water park was fun!  It was small, which was great for our kids and allowed swimmies which eased our concerns a bit.  It was exciting but not too scary- one slide scared Nolan because it was a long dark tube, at nighttime it was quite dark inside.  But overall it was a fun trip!  With very little sleep.  And lots of being wet!