Thursday, June 23, 2016

Schools OUT for summer

The craziest thing about these pictures are his TEETH!  This guy loves to lose his teeth.  Once it is loose he works on it until he can yank it out.  It's SO different from me who would have it just dangling there for days before it just gently fell out.  

 The first week of summer has been great.  We are trying to relax and enjoy ourselves.  We have had swimming lessons which is a nice structure to the day and utterly exhausts Emily.  She is trying super hard to swim on her own, she tries hard at lessons.  Nolan is doing great too, his glides are perfect and he can swim, face in, arms out (with lots of splashing).

Dave and I have been golfing a bit and we are taking lessons again with our old buddy Jim.  It is a nice way to spend a Sunday, that's for sure!  We have a few trips planned and Nolan is doing a camp one week of the summer, we are otherwise relaxing and enjoying things.