Thursday, April 14, 2016

School Vacation

As I sit here, praying she stays asleep while taking a nap, fingers crossed that the little one doesn't get the nasty illness that burst through our family but has caught a mere cold, I suspect my wishes are too late.

We've been beaten.  We lose.  All our bravado of how we made it through this winter unscathed... All our talk of good genes and good handwashing, all of our smirking of it being Nolan's first year at school and he hasn't missed a day of school... yeah, we spoke too soon.

Leading up to this vacation I was jealous that we weren't going anywhere and others had big plans.  Our friends weren't around and I didn't enroll nolan in any camps and I spun into a panic.  I was worried we'd have nothing to do.  Then I started thinking big- we'd go on day trips!  Maybe to Boston!  Maybe to NY!

Hahaha, yesterday (Wednesday) we went to the playground.  I nearly collapsed from exhaustion and Nolan came home and napped for 1.5 hours.  We were there for 2 hours.  We are still broken.  We are still beaten but as of today, I finally feel somewhat human.  Nolan feels fine.  Dave feels fine.  And Emily has a cough... a dry constant cough.  A hacking cough that wakes you up from a nap early.  That makes your head hurt.  Oh the poor thing.

Damn it.

I'm so glad we stayed home this vacation.

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