Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playground Project

For the past few months I've been working on a project to have a new playground built at Nolan's elementary school.  His school has a fascinating story about playgrounds, they have a brand spanking new one, it's two stories high, very advanced and well, frankly, too advanced for the young kids.  The young kids have always played on a small playground on the back side of the school.  Many people in town (and many town officials) don't even know it exists.

It's a long story but our PTO has a boatload of money.  I foolishly asked way-back-when what that money was to be used for.  Someone said that 'eventually' the K/1 playground will need to be replaced.  So I went asking too many questions, finding out details and next thing I knew I was calling everyone I knew asking them to come to the PTO meeting and vote YES for the PTO to spend $40K to put up this playground.  And they did.

So now this project is in the hands of the town.  All sorts of departments and town officials need to weigh in on this decision.  Basically they need to agree to accept this donation.  They being the Board of Ed, Superintendent, the Town Manager, Planning and Zoning commission, the town council (bc there is a small cost associated to the town to re-woodchip the playground two times a year), Parks and Recreation, the town engineer and the tree warden.

So where we are right now and as I understand it, we are 3 YESes away from this happening.  THREE!  This needs to be presented to the Town Council.  So long as they have no objections then it goes to the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval.  Once P&Z approves it, the Town Council will then hear the proposal and hopefully approve it.  And from my understanding, that means we buy and build it!

This has been a very exciting process.  Sadly it was extremely dramatic for a few days but overall it's been exciting.  It's taken a lot of dedication (work, meetings, phone calls, research) but it's exciting.  It is (dare I say) easy.  And Emily has attended many of these meetings with me.  She's an excellent partner (I stuff her with snacks).

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