Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily is 3!  Wow, that's so exciting.  We celebrated by going to Magic Wings, the butterfly conservatory.  Emily wore her butterfly clothes which is cute, right?  Butterfly pants and a butterfly shirt.  Adorable.  It's funny, this place just sucks the life out of you.  It hot, humid and there is gentle music playing and you are supposed to move slowly and be quiet...  
Once Emily got over being terrified of the butterflies she was curious.  We had a great time, we did a scavenger hunt and looked for pink and purple butterflies (there is one that has a bit of purple on it).  
 We had lunch at a restaurant.  EVERYONE took a nap and we had pizza and ice cream.  

 Oh and there were presents!  If she's seen you in the past few days she has told you that she got a bike for her birthday. She's asked to ride it every day.  She's quite good at riding it.  It's fair to say she loves her new bike.
 She's also a huge fan of her Elsa and Anna watch.

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