Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spending Wisely

After a year of collecting from the tooth fairy, doing chores and having a monetary gift for his birthday, Nolan quickly changed from an aggressive saver to a spender!  He asked for us to go to the Wooden Toy and spend his $60.  Of course the morning I agreed to do this I get an email that we can get 20% off of a sale that starts in 2 days... explaining a sale to a stubborn 6-year old ready to spend is a challenge.  So off we went, to the toy store to spend Nolan's money.  As we were getting ready Emily asked if she had any money and whaddya know, she does!  So we packed up her money too and off we went.

Nolan spent a long time looking at legos and games and trucks and figures.  We looked at the science kits and the clearance section and then suddenly and immediately he knew what he wanted.  And when I saw it I completely agreed.  This kid runs around the house pretending to be a ninja so yeah, this is a perfect item to buy.
 I also convinced the kids to buy some sticker sets to decorate their rooms.  Nolan bought the Star Wars stickers and Emily chose the princess stickers.  Each had about 30 stickers to put on their walls.  They enjoyed decorating their rooms.
And finally Nolan bought some Star Wars jelly beans.  And he shared them willingly with Emily which was very nice.  All in all he spent about $55.  On our way out he saw a bow and arrow... I convinced him to buy it at a later time since it's an outside toy and we won't be able to use it for a while...  But he also has a $20 in his wallet--- how did he get all of this money?!?!  Goodness me!

The staff at this store was wonderful.  They were patient with him, remarked on his excellent purchases.  They slowly counted back his change and were so unbelievably kind to us.  Nolan and Emily were very polite and respectful which was wonderful.  I was very proud of them, their decisions and their mindfulness of this outing.  

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