Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Day Off

I've gotten myself really involved with the PTO at Nolan's school.  It's exciting, it's soul warming and it's entirely frustrating and a bit overwhelming.  Between the meetings during the day and scrambling to get a sitter for Emily or to pawn her off on friends and the nighttime meetings that either start at 6:30 which feels too early or 8pm which is just so late, I'm BEAT.  I'm just tired of running around. So when I saw that I had a day and night wide open I was super excited!  No classes to go to, no meetings to attend.  No nothing.  And I'm sore from getting back to working out so I opted out of a workout today!  Oh what to do?!!?  Go to the museum, of course!
 So Emily and I headed to the Children's Museum.  I'd gone there several times with Nolan and wasn't very impressed but they have done some cleaning and upgrading and it was a fun day out.  Emily and I had a great time, we met up with some friends, we also played together, just us.  It was a fun way to spend the morning.  I can't wait for another day like this!  Oh wait, I think tomorrow is also open...  oh thank goodness!!!

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