Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Get Away

We went on a little winter get-away last weekend, a place called Coco Keys outside of Boston.  We had a great time!  Of course, a few hiccups, as is to be expected when traveling with kids, but overall a great time.
 One of the appealing things about this resort was the kid suite.  There were two little beds and their own tv in their section of the room.  This was Emily's first experience with a bed, even though we brought a rail, she got out a zillion times and stayed up later than both nolan and daddy on the second night.
Another appealing thing was donuts for breakfast.  And lots of TV.  The kids really loved eating while sitting on the floor (well, nolan did.  Emily loved the idea of it).  We also had a carpet picnic the first night with our delivered pizza.
 The water park was fun!  It was small, which was great for our kids and allowed swimmies which eased our concerns a bit.  It was exciting but not too scary- one slide scared Nolan because it was a long dark tube, at nighttime it was quite dark inside.  But overall it was a fun trip!  With very little sleep.  And lots of being wet!

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