Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Turning a Corner? I hope so!!

For anyone with ears, you'd know I've struggled terribly with this guy.  He's stubborn and angry and easily frustrated and a control freak... just like me.  I've had a hard time accepting him for who he is and for how he acts.  But it's possible we are turning a corner.
Maybe he's misunderstood.  Maybe he's just tired.  You know, all of those 'excuses' you make for your child being difficult.  We do it from when they are born: maybe it's a growth spurt, maybe he's teething.  But really, maybe it's just them.  Or maybe it's just me/us.  Who knows, but it's no secret, he is tough.  My mom, who stays for weeks at a go has lamented that he's 'just really difficult'.  That's validating but it also sucks.  

So a few days ago Nolan said he was going to start acting like a big kid.  And know what?  He's different!  Like really different!  Like when we tell him to do something, he has been making an effort to do it!  When we tell him to go play for a few minutes while I do x, y or sit in the bathroom waiting for Emily to poop, he will.  He's been great.  Fun.  Not a lot of tantrums.  From either of us.  And that feels awesome.  

So I decided to risk it yesterday.  I decided to try to teach him to play a game- UNO.  The last time we tried to play games he threw the game at me because he suspected he was losing (he hadn't even lost yet!!!)  So maybe this was a mistake but know what??  He LOVED it.  And Emily could play too!  It's a teenage mutant ninja turtle uno game which makes the ability to know numbers unnecessary so Emily could play too.  We play open-handed and its fun!  He won a few games yesterday, then he lost some and he didn't freak out!  He didn't cry, he didn't throw anything.  It was really lovely.

So fingers crossed that this didn't jinx us.  I just need to be prepared to play hours worth of UNO for the next few weeks... 

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