Monday, February 29, 2016

Bring Someone Special Dance

Nolan and I went to the Bring Someone Special Dance at his school last week.  I was super surprised he wanted to go an anticipated millions of meltdowns and breakdowns and tantrums.  He woke up Saturday with a nasty cough which just heightened my expectations.  As the start of the dance approached he started to balk but after some dinner he got dressed in fancy clothes with no arguments, and was excited to go!

So off we went to his school.  We intentionally got there 30 minutes late.  We checked things out, said hi to some friends, took some silly photo booth pictures and then he finally let loose!
This guy had so much fun!  And I had fun too!  We danced, he spun with his dude friends.  He said hi to his non-classroom friends.  He played invisible, no contact pillow fighting (which looked like invisible sword fighting).  He had so much fun!  I'm so happy he asked me to come with him!

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