Tuesday, January 26, 2016

While The Cat Is ...

After we get Nolan on the school bus, Emily comes inside and asks "want to read books in Nolan's bed?" almost every day.  It's adorable.  I love it, sometimes we burrow under covers, sometimes we don't but it's cute.  And Nolan does NOT like that we are in his room/bed when he's not home.  Not one bit.

It makes me think, for a split second, that we should move Emily from her crib to a bed.  I think she'd LOVE a bed.  We'd love a bed to lay in to play or read books etc BUT (and this is a big but-tee hee hee) after all the crap Nolan gave us surrounding bedtime, coming out of his room, refusing to go to his bed, stay in his bed, stay in his room etc, I can't do it.  I just can't choose to move Emily to a bed.

Sure, she MAY stay in her bed.  Sure she MAY be different from Nolan and not give us any bedtime issued (one can pray, right?) but why would we even go there unless it was necessary.  Emily is a climber, but she's not a faller.  So while she likes to perch herself on the top of the crib, she has not yet gone over.  She has not climbed out.

So, it looks like Nolan's just going to have to get over the fact that we lay in his bed and read.  Or cover up our tracks better.  Because we're not moving her to a bed prematurely.  Nope, no way.

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