Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily is TWO!  How amazing is that?!  Man, these two years flew!  Somehow this birthday seems impossible!  And the girl SHOT up in size.  The official stats are : 34.75 inches (81%) and 25 lb, 10 ounces (36%).  She's lean!  which is awesomely hysterical since her belly is so round.
 But she is otherwise perfect!  We went to the butterfly conservatory for her birthday.  It was loads of fun... well, somehow that place makes my whole family EXHAUSTED.  Maybe it's the warmth.  Humidity?  The peaceful music?  Whatever it is, it makes us all sluggish.  
 So again we spent some time sitting on the bench, resting, waiting for butterflies to come near.  Emily was very curious about the little birds, the butterflies, the fish, it was great!
 We came home, took a nap and then did presents and cake.  Emily has been talking about cake and pizza for her birthday for weeks.  It was so funny how much she talked about the cake!
 She did a super job blowing out the candles, loved her presents and played with them a lot!
 A few days after her family party I found her doing this with her doll.  Completely unsuggested, she was just sitting on a bench feeding the baby a bottle.  Oh so sweet.
Happy Birthday Sweet Emily!  

Friday, April 10, 2015

In One Month

One month from today I will be doing a sprint triathlon in Marlboro MA.  One month.  On Mother's Day!  I will challenge my body in a way I never have, for longer than I ever have in any competition.  I will swim 250 yards (in a pool) then immediately bike for 9.3 miles and then run for 3.2 miles.  The distances are a bit smaller than a typical 'sprint' triathlon and it's a pool swim -thank god, it's still freezing here!  I expect my race will take me about 2 hours to complete- though all the mentors and support boards I've been cyber-stalking suggest to not worry about time for your first one... how can I not?  Honestly I'm hoping I go under 2 hours!  

It is interesting, Dave and I ran a race a few weeks ago and he asked me what my goal was... do you know, I've been running for like 7 years on and off?  And do you know what my goal still is every 5k?  My goal is to simply run the whole time.  That's it!  Every time I run for exercise I go about 3 miles but still my goal in a race is to merely to run the whole time- 'what an under-achiever', I thought to myself.  So last race I made a measurable goal.  I plucked it out of thin air, but I made one.  It was a great benchmark for me and fun to say that I 'reached'  my arbitrary goal!  I ran my 5k (which is 3.1 miles) in 30:59.  That's pretty awesome for me.  I think once ever I ran under 30 minutes back in 2007.

Ok, so what's very interesting to me is that I take a while to warm up.  I've found that I absolutely hate the first half of a spin class but love the second half- almost to the minute something switches.  The first mile of running is the worst!  So I'm concluding that an endurance type sport like this might just be one that I do ok.  I might warm up enough to not hate the first half of every sport.

A woman who has been competing in triathlons for a few decades has taken me under her wing and answered all of my questions from what do I wear (you wear the same thing through all three sports, you know!  nudity is illegal!)  or what to do if I have to pee?  She has given me an abundance of advice for me to feel confident in doing this first somewhat real race.  (since the swim is in a pool it doesn't feel like a 'real' triathlon) and I am sincerely grateful that she has joined me in this race too!

So if there is anyone out there who wants to spend a few hours of Mother's Day cheering me on and will be around Marlboro MA, please let me know.  I'll pass along my start time when I learn it!