Friday, October 2, 2015

Bike Riding

In August Nolan woke up one day and said he wanted to take his training wheels off and learn to ride on two wheels.  Uhhh... ok!  So we geared up, consulted Facebook for ideas and headed out to a park with a gentle slope and plenty of grass.
 I also geared up with my running shoes, tons of water and a positive attitude.  This boy was EXCITED!
 And then... he was off.  On his first 'try' he rode for about 45 seconds, pedaling and turning and riding on the dirt and the grass then back up the slope to me to go again!  HIS FIRST TRY!  He rode around for at least 45 minutes on the grass.
 Then we moved to flat pavement.  He didn't fall down!  He's amazing.  (he has since fallen, several times and has begun riding his big kid bike!  He's a rock star!)