Thursday, September 24, 2015

How's Nolan enjoying kindergarten?

oh!  hi!  Here we are again.  So Nolan started kindergarten!  crazy right?  And the kid loves school.  His teachers tell me he's perfect.  The described him as an angel.  And he's thriving in school- drawing pictures and making letters etc.  The trouble is--- he's a complete mess at home every afternoon... except yesterday something magical happened...
 But let me back up... so every day after school Nolan comes home and has a cup of hot cocoa- which I think is adorable and funny that even when it was 95 degrees out, he still wanted a cup of hot cocoa.  He also gets one video.  And then it all just falls apart.  It's a complete disaster.  Then it's kicking and screaming about one thing or another.  He's upset because he wants to watch tv all afternoon.  Because Emily looked at him wrong/was touching his stuff.  Not just upset and whiny, but meltdown and tantrums for 15 minutes!  A few days ago he had a 35 minute tantrum because he got half a box of chocolate covered raisins... he wanted the whole box.   sigh.
 So, we were at a loss.  I felt like I was in an abusive relationship with him - the way he yelled at me, hit me, got mad at tiny things I did.  So we made some changes and recruited some help from his teacher.  Well, that changed things.  At least for yesterday it changed things.
Because yesterday, with the new reward system in place and the discussion with his teacher, something magical happened.  Yesterday we had a nice afternoon.  A REALLY nice afternoon.  He behaved like the boy I knew he could be.  He was happy, friendly, shared with emily, used a nice voice, got upset about a little thing but let it roll off his back (even though my stomach was in knots thinking it was all going to fall apart- it didn't!).  He didn't hit me, yell at me, snarl at me or cry.  And you know what?  I didn't do any of that stuff either.  It was joyful.  It was fun.  He was absolutely lovely.  I was emotional putting him to bed because of just how NICE it was to spend those few hours with him!

So I'm praying for another good day today.  Come on, join in the prayers!  I need all the help I can get!  Fingers crossed we have another lovely night!

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  1. I always find the beginning of the school year is like this. They do great at school but have a tough time in the afternoon. Simone has been the same way as evening approaches. I think they are just on sensory overload all day and then so exhausted when they get home that it comes out as frustration and anger. I know I feel that way when I'm tired. I always think of Jenna when stuff like this happens - she says the answer to most things is more sleep (earlier bedtime) for a few nights or so. Usually works!