Tuesday, May 5, 2015

we're back!

We went on vacation!  A real vacation!  We FLEW to Florida!  And it was great!  The flight was great, the kids didn't even make a peep on the plane or in the car driving to the hotel.  They were excited, patient and wonderful!
We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa and rented a full sized crib for emily.  The rooms were lovely, nolan had two queen sized beds in his room!  Emily stayed in the master.  Dave and I stayed on the pull out couch.  The first night we tried to sleep in the master but I couldn't sleep, too worried Emily would wake up, Nolan would wander into the hallway looking for us and get locked out and we wouldn't hear him- you know the usual stuff I worry about.  So midway through the first night I tried to sleep in Nolans room since sleep wasn't working in the master but I kept 'growling' (snoring) and Nolan kept waking me up.  So I bounced back from room to room the first night and decided the second night I'd sleep on the pull out.   
 This worked out great for the kiddos who every morning would lay in the pull out and watch 2 hours of cartoons while we started our day.  Emily played in the laundry basket and Nolan just zoned into Disney Junior channel.

All in all, our vacation was relaxing and great.  More pictures to come!

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