Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Did It!

After I finished the race!
I DID IT! Whoot Whoot!  I am a triathlete!  How crazy is that?  I've been running on and off for 7 years and never consider myself a runner, however after one triathlon, i get to call myself a triathlete.  But man, it was awesome. it was a perfect small race to start with. Only 52 people in attendance and women came in first and second overall, so very cool. they were dynamite! I stayed in a hotel the night before bc the race was 1.5 hours away. I got pulled over for speeding on the way up there but did not get a ticket! whew! 

 So here are my stats: 
250y pool swim: 4:42 -i caught up to the person in front of me and tried to pass her a few times before finally passing her. but I was wiped up as a result

T1- 2:48... this includes running into the area where my bike was and getting dried off, dressed, shoes and socks on and helmet then running the bike through a chute out of the transition area.  For the record, the lady I did this race with did her T1 in 44 seconds... (yeah, lets let that sink in...  once I get my tri shorts I will eliminate the need to put shorts on which will improve this time.  Also I will check my shoe laces since I got all tangled up in them and thought about my loose shoe during my entire run...

9 mile bike: 38:55 bike felt good, it was a hilly course with a few steep peaks but it felt good. 

T2- :44 - just dump the bike and helmet, no shoe change 

3.2 mile run: 34:54 -the route was very very hilly  it seemed like it was all uphill.  But once I got to Nolan Way it was actually 'all downhill from there' which was very very cool. still i'm impressed with my run time the most considering I did a 5k a few weeks ago and ran it on fresh legs at 30:59. 

overall time: 1:22.04 

So I came in 39th overall (out of 52 individuals) 2nd in my age group (of two people...) so I got a medal. Which felt absurd and fun all at the same time. 
Me at the VERY end of my race

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