Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily is TWO!  How amazing is that?!  Man, these two years flew!  Somehow this birthday seems impossible!  And the girl SHOT up in size.  The official stats are : 34.75 inches (81%) and 25 lb, 10 ounces (36%).  She's lean!  which is awesomely hysterical since her belly is so round.
 But she is otherwise perfect!  We went to the butterfly conservatory for her birthday.  It was loads of fun... well, somehow that place makes my whole family EXHAUSTED.  Maybe it's the warmth.  Humidity?  The peaceful music?  Whatever it is, it makes us all sluggish.  
 So again we spent some time sitting on the bench, resting, waiting for butterflies to come near.  Emily was very curious about the little birds, the butterflies, the fish, it was great!
 We came home, took a nap and then did presents and cake.  Emily has been talking about cake and pizza for her birthday for weeks.  It was so funny how much she talked about the cake!
 She did a super job blowing out the candles, loved her presents and played with them a lot!
 A few days after her family party I found her doing this with her doll.  Completely unsuggested, she was just sitting on a bench feeding the baby a bottle.  Oh so sweet.
Happy Birthday Sweet Emily!