Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nolan the Archaeologist

Nolan is really into science.  He also loves that he is 'into science' and will often ask if something he likes is 'science' which frankly, most stuff is.  So when I saw this little dig-for-fossils kit I thought it would be cool.  It's a little box that includes a book about woolly mammoths, a box with a solid chunk of plaster and a bunch of 'bones' inside the chunk as well as a wooden chisel and brush to 'dig' for fossils.  We worked as a team digging.  He loved brushing it.  Once we found all 20 pieces we put it together.
 He was very proud of this and was a lot of fun, even though I did most of the work.  He worked on it for a while, digging and finding and was amazed every time he found another bone! 
 Emily watched
 After admiring the skeleton nolan quickly declared to put it up high so his friends and Emily can't break it.  Good idea bud.  And hopefully it just doesn't fall apart on its own, it's not the most stable assembly.  
This was a super fun project to do with him.  If anyone's kids are interested in fossils, I highly recommend!

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