Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Miss Her Already!

My mom came and stayed with us for 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  And it was amazing.  It was easy.  It was nice to take care of her.  And the kids just loved having her around!  Emily took to her right away (oh what a long way she has come, that little one!).  And Nolan was just over the moon that Gramma was here!
Of course there were the occasional awkward situations, like how Nolan so matter of factly stated often that 'Grandpa Jack is dead'.  But he was right.  Or the times the kids were acting nutso for no reason -for some reason it's embarrassing to me when I can't control them.  
 Her being here felt so awesome.  The kids just loved it.  Nolan often woke my mom up in the morning which was cute that he wanted to.  He was sneak down to her room and put on his 'nice' voice and tell her it's time to wake up.  
I really do miss her already.  I wish she could have stayed longer. 

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