Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Nolan!

We have officially entered into the lego building age and I LOVE IT.  and so does Nolan.  Except when he's melting down because he wants to do more and he's already been at it for 2 hours and needs me to sit next to him even though he does most of it on his own.  So with my mom being here, he's gotten a ton of great one-on-one time.  And had a spectacular birthday party
 So this guy turned 5.  He's still a delight when he has attention.  He's fun, energetic and fast.  so fast!  He just has so much fun with life.
And he's growing so fast.  He's the size of this shark, below!   
 on his birthday he played hookie from school and we went to the aquarium.  We've done that every year on his birthday, it's fun.  this year was great, chaotic but great.  Emily loved saying hi to all the fish.  Nolan was very interested in the rays this trip.
 And here he is on our official measuring wall.  This kid has grown so much, he's so tall!  I'm just amazed at how big he is and how strong he is!  He's a lot of fun, i'm having fun with him these days.
Happy Birthday Buddy!

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