Friday, March 6, 2015

A New Chapter for me

So I made a big purchase a few weeks ago...
I was told I must name her
And just this week I signed up for my first of hopefully many triathlons.  On May 10th I will do a sprint triathlon, partly indoor (the swim).  I will swim 250 yards (a much shorter distance than most sprint triathlons) then bike 9.3 miles (slightly shorter than most sprint tris) and then I will run 3 miles (a typical distance).  I have a bike and helmet.  I have shoes to run in.  I will decide soon what to swim in.  

This is in 8.5 weeks.  EIGHT weeks!  I'm panicking.  Before my dad died I just began a 20 week training routine.  Then, well, my dad died.  And I fell off the wagon. Then I signed up for a race that was SUPPOSED to be on May 31 but got changed to May 10 in Marlboro MA (or is it Marlborough?).  All of a sudden I feel underprepared.  YIKES.  

This will be my first of 3 major races this summer, I'm planning.  I suspect I will also try to do a few of the low-key weeknight races also.  I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  I'm excited.  

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