Saturday, January 24, 2015


We got some snow today.  The FUN snow.  The snowball snow.  The snowman snow.  It's been a rough winter with these two.  Nolan LOVES the snow, doesn't mind getting cold and has enough energy to power through snow.  Emily however prefers the comfort of inside.  She does not seem to like getting cold and refuses to walk on snow.  It's a challenge.   
BUT on the weekend it is easier because we can divide and conquer.  SO Dave occupied Nolan with shoveling, snowballs and trucks while I coaxed Emily to take a few steps.  Then I (alone) made a snowman while she stood not moving a single body part except her eyes.  Then I coaxed her into the lawn.  After that, and exploring the sounds the snow makes when she steps on it, she was actually enjoying herself!  YIPPEE!  And she didn't even want to go inside when I was ready!   
Also some fun of this snow day was that our morning plans were all cancelled so we made donuts!  Nolan didn't like them but Emily clapped and cheered when she got served some.  I've got two happy kids these days!  I couldn't feel luckier!

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