Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Naked Time

My kids LOVE their naked time.  In fact, I think they like their bath and shower time just so they can be naked.  You have to watch Emily though, she'll pee wherever, then we need to dip her back in the tub.  But regardless, naked baby bums are so dang cute!  And that big belly, oh her big belly!

She's been very interested in the potty lately.  She says potty a lot and sometimes it's as if she wants to use the potty.  In fact, both Dave and I have been tricked by her and have strip off her clothes, taken off her diaper and started to lift her near the potty (she's only 1.5, we don't have the little potty in the bathroom yet!) and then she makes her body stiff as a board and makes it clear she does not want to sit on the potty.  Interesting

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