Thursday, July 24, 2014


I have a pillow issue.  I can't find a single pillow that I like.  Actually, that's not true.  I LOVE Dave's pillow but unfortunately for me, he does too.  As a result I've acquired tons of pillows.  Every night I try a different one, sometimes I use the same one for weeks until I realize I'm uncomfortable.  
But the kids, oh they love this pile.  Especially Emily.  Sometimes we make a little chair with the pillows and sometimes we make a big ole pile.  Either way they love it. 
 Even when they get stuck like a turtle.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Emily is a climber.  She's always trying to figure out how to get up on something.  Yesterday she discovered she can climb up on this bench and whenever she could, that's what she did.  She doens't often fall off of things but when she does it doesn't seem to deter her.  So here she is, just sitting.  After she climbs on things she just stops and seems to appreciate that she was successful.  Then I take her down and she starts again.  I've tried to teach her how to get down safely but she just jumps/slides off making a sometimes really scary/face first fall.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pony Or Pig?

I've been admiring Emily's mullet for a few weeks and yesterday I gave it a go and she tolerated it!  
 Well, she was curious about it but didn't tug it out. And after a while she seemed to forget about it.  Until someone mentioned it.
 She twirls her hair a lot so her playing with and twirling her pig/pony tail is so cute!
 I'm not sure though- is this a pony tail?  Or a pigtail?
 Whatever you call it, it sure is cute!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Oh I could go on and on (and I do!) about how different these kids are.  While Nolan really liked soft things he used to do somewhat inappropriate things with them like walk up to women sitting on the floor and rub their hair on his bare belly...  meanwhile Emily snuggles with things that I'd like to think is a bit more typical.  And freaking adorable.  She is really snuggly lately, especially with the only stuffed animal that Nolan doesn't have to share. But he gets distracted and she'll carry Spiderman around snuggling with him.  

She's also begun sleeping with a bunny that we call Hop Hop.  It is really precious how much she loves these things and how she talks about them. So here's a shot of her doing a double up- she's got Lambie and Hop Hop.  Oh and the way she says Lambie is so darn precious.  

Monday, July 14, 2014


A few weeks ago our town had fireworks.  We went to the festival before (which was really awesome) but didn't stay until 9:15 for the fireworks to start.  We were all pooped.  It was the right decision.
A few weeks later Nolan happened to be out late and saw some fireworks in the sky.  He was very impressed and talked about them nonstop for a while. 
 So we got some sparklers.  He was excited to do them.  I was scared he'd be scared.  He was a teeny bit.  It was fun.  It'd be better if it were dark but it stays light so late these days, maybe this will be a vacation activity!  
We only have 5 more boxes of sparklers!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Road Race

This weekend Nolan and I ran a road race.  He did the 100 yard race and I ran a 5k.  It was SO much fun watching this kid, though we did not prepare him well for it since about 25 yards from the finish line he stopped running and looked around (to be fair there were a bunch of people standing around BEFORE the finish line).
 Instead of giant t-shirts, they give kids capes which looks totally awesome and who doesn't love a cape?
 And, not to brag but seriously, check out how far ahead Nolan was of the next contestant?  He certainly had on his fast shoes! 

I had a good run too!  I felt good, I pushed it hard and feel proud of my race.  I ran the whole time, I finished strong and almost enjoyed it.  Hopefully I'll get to the point of 'enjoying' running someday.  But I feel proud!  Of myself and of Nolan!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Table Top S'Mores

We are trying to enjoy ourselves but also not pack our weeks too full.  July looks fun and busy and exciting!  But our Fourth of July weekend was surprisingly empty.  And we needed it!
We had a week straight of busy times, nights out, babysitters and parties.  It's been non stop.  Add in the morning nap is no longer, it's been a hectic week  So this weekend was LOVELY!  We had a day in, cleaned and vacuumed.  Dave and I watched a movie (GASP!) and just chilled. 
 On Saturday, after the monsoon passed, we had a picnic (the food was pretty darn delish for a picnic too) and then we headed home to do this.  
I confess it did take two trips to the store since i didn't buy the right charcoal at first.  Regardless, it was so much fun! 
And quite easy, now that we have all the proper stuff I plan on making s'mores all the freaking time!  YUM!