Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Wheels

Emily got a bike!  Well, this was Nolan's when he was little but now it's hers!  And she seemed ready!  
I think she was excited to be riding next to her big brother (a word she somewhat says). 
 She just sat back and enjoyed the ride.  Nolan was great waiting for her and keeping an eye on her.
 This boy loves his bike, I think Emily does too!  
I love how happy Nolan looks and especially love
his shadow in this photo

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teaching and Learning

Emily is a little sponge and she loves watching Nolan.  So it's so fun when you see her immediately try to do something that Nolan is doing.
Mind you, it's rare that Nolan slows down enough to lay or lounge on the couch like this (which is why it is so picture-worthy).  And Emily just needed to give it a try. 
 Then when he was up and running again she had a try on the pillow.
 Then she probably saw a ball and pointed to it.  that girl loves her soccer and basket balls!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter

I wish I could capture the sound of Nolan laughing at all the fantastic places the Easter Bunny hid eggs this year.  Oh he had such a fun time!
This year the blue and green eggs were for Nolan and the pink and purple eggs were for Emily.  Nolan was really good about keeping it fair and searching for his.   
 He was a big fan of his basket with some gifts in it.  Emily was a big fan of the grass in the baskets.
 That and shaking those eggs.  She does love to shake eggs

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy First Birthday Emily!

For Emily's birthday we went to Magic Wings, the butterfly conservatory.  Well actually we did a ton of things but first we went here.
I was worried Emily wouldn't be interested in the butterflies but she was.  Oh she was.  Pointing and walking around stopping and watching.  It was so very fun! 
 She really enjoyed sitting on the benches.  And tackling Nolan.
 Our kids were tired, maybe it was the heat and humidity in the conservatory or some weird act of nature but we were all exhausted by 11:15am.
 Nolan's favorite part is the fish. And while we were at the fish pond a butterfly landed on his head and a second one landed on me, then a third landed on his head.  
 We had some mid-day cupcakes.  Emily really likes cupcakes.
 And frosting.
 Then we went to the playground, then an Easter egg hunt, then home for presents and pizza.
She seems to like this one, given to her by Nolan, of course. 
My favorite part of the day... there wasn't just one - everything was great, except for how tired we all were.  Everything, behaviors, naps, food, trips, playground, friends etc.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the little one's special day.  Happy Birthday Emily!  What a year it has been!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wrapping Paper, Ribbons and Boxes

Emily and Isabella had their birthday party this weekend.  It was adorable to see the two girls together.  The funniest part of the day was opening presents.  The two girls first present was wrapped with ribbons... 

Kids and ribbons.  Oh so cute.
 So we watched for a few minutes.  Then we got back to business of opening.

But then there was paper!  
Oh so fun to put on my head, shake around, step on and rip!
Oh look, thought Emily, there is finally 
something to climb on!  A box!
Can I put this ribbon on my head? 
 Hmmm, it keeps falling around my neck.
 I'll just wrap it around my neck then.  Oooh!  It tickles!

Monday, April 14, 2014

One More

One more gate in this house.  And this one is just a few days late since she fell down half the flight on Friday.  Oh Emily.
And below it looks like she's trying to figure out if she can go under this gate (check out Nolan's expression too. He's like 'hahaha, we've got you now') 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here She Is

She's hiding!  Can you find her?  Here she is!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kids Table

Emily has been really interested/obsessed with this table. So much that we've had to remove it because she always wants to sit in the chair but can't really do it herself so falls off and bumps her head.  But here she is, just a typical morning in our house, nolan running around naked, pretending he's a lion escaped from the zoo and Emily banging on something, in this case the table.  It's a lot of fun seeing them together but whew, sometimes it gets a little crazy. And very loud.  Emily is very very loud.  And Nolan has fun mimicking her which makes for some very loud days and car rides.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Girl Has Opinions!

A few days ago Emily and Nolan had some photos taken.  Emily wore a dress a tad too big and tights that were a tad too big and some shoes that were a tad too big.  She's 'in between' sizes.
So we have 2 pairs of shoes for her that are not sneakers, though both 1/2 size too big.  So I stuffed some tissues in the toes of these, they look goofishly enormous on her feet! 
 She seemed to like these the most, not the light pink slippers.  I think they looked better with the dress too.  
 But they she held them up and wanted to try those on again.
Oh Emily, you are such a girl fretting about your shoes.  So hysterical.  You looked adorable in both shoes!  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Emily Got Her Ears Pierced!

 I worried that we were mutilating her or that we were inflicting pain for no good reason but she took it like a champ!  We went to the doctors and got her ears pierced.  They did the ears simultaneously, it took longer for them to put the dots on her ears to mark where to pierce than it did to pierce them.
 She looks so darling I just can't take it.  Oh my goodness- Such cuteness!
And now she can wear green, yellow and blue without people mistaking her for a boy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Are In Trouble

If you are looking for Emily, she's on the stairs.  Yes, she's a climber.  I've watched her climb on top of the kiddie table in our kitchen, up the stairs and even on Nolan's tool box.  Anything she can climb up, she's on it.  And she knows she shouldn't be doing it, it's fun!
She's also become quite particular about books she reads, foods she eats and where she wants to walk (holding your hands).  She's begun to throw tantrums and today she bit Nolan.  Oh yes, we are in trouble.