Monday, March 31, 2014

Lego Man

Nolan has been into legos since Christmas.  For his birthday he got a small lego set, one that has directions to build a specific structure- a police station, complete with a robber and a crowbar and a bag of money.  It's a Legos Junior set and it's fantastic!
Aside from the teeny tiny parts which are FOR SURE choking hazards, this has held his interest so so much.  He's taken it apart and put it back together, he's acted out scenarios and even broken out of the jail.  It is SO SO Fun to see Nolan really focus on something and play with it on his own (!!) for long-ish periods of time.  
I feel like this is building so many different skills and I just love watching him play by himself!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love This!

More and more we are getting glimpses of what its like to have kids who occupy themselves.  Nolan was never really like that but he's turning over a new leaf and he's been 'reading' a lot as well as playing by himself a bit.  Emily on the other hand is pretty happy flipping through books and playing with toys.  So to see this, it's worthy of a photo.  Nolan and Emily quiet and occupied.  I love how he's sitting and reading this book.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bronx Zoo with Nolan

Nolan and I went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday to meet up with some NY pals and we had a super great day!  Though it was cold, it wasn't too cold, some of the exhibits were indoors which provided respite from the weather.  We picnicked among the baboons.
They were super far away, but my new (third purchased, first two returned) camera allows for killer zoom. 
 We went indoors to see the giraffes.  There was a baby!  So cute.  
 And we rode on the bug carousel which was fun.  And strange.  And the talk of the car ride home- why were they bugs?  So fun.  Nolan and I had a really great time.  He was great, didn't mind the ride or the weather and was so so excited about it before and after.  
Aside from seeing friends and enjoying a nice day focusing on Nolan, my favorite part was Nolan excitedly telling Dave all about our day.  It was hilarious, the snippets that were completely accurate but with no back story made for a really funny storytelling. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last of the Birthday Parties

Sorry for the blurry photos.  I dropped my camera last weekend and the flash doesn't work.  stay tuned for my new camera's photos.  

Nolan had his final birthday party last weekend.  He really loved all of the celebrations and presents and attention.
 I loved how excited he was to see his family.  That was so precious.  He sure loves playing with his cousins!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Walker!

So Emily has been taking steps for a few weeks now.  The steps have been either teeny or encouraged.  It's wonderful and exciting to see her doing it but she hasn't been too interested.  She'd rather hold our fingers and walk or push anything (a toy, a book on the floor, a box, etc).  And Monday at the library she stood herself up in the middle of the room and toddled over to the train table, about 6 steps. 
Since then, she's been walking about half the time.  If she's not practicing, then she's just going for it.  I swear it was because she was wearing a tutu that made her start walking but whatever it is, it's fun and she's excited about it. 
Now if we can get her to do anything with shoes on!  The girl seems confused when we put things on her feet, she sits down and looks at her shoes, touches them, tastes them and then works hard to get them off before thrashing about kicking and screaming about the fact that she has shoes on.  Oh Yeah, those have begun already too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Four Year Stats

This kid is so full of life. He is possibly the happiest child I've ever known, just laughing and smiling and jumping around like monkey.  He really does just love life.  We had his 4 year doctors visit and have his official stats:  Weight is 41 lbs, 7 oz. (86%)  Height is 43.5 inches (97%) and his BMI is in the 44% which means, for his height, his weight is almost right in the middle.  In other words, he's perfect.  And tall. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kiddo Birthday Party

Nolan's birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese.  He was really excited about this party.  
 Nolan was most excited about the driving game.  And this trip he realized if he sits really far forward he can drive himself!  It was hard to pull him away from this and to get him to go over to the side where all his friends were.  
 Emily was pretty overwhelmed with the noise, lights and being woken up early.  So she snuggled with Dave, which he didn't mind one bit.  Then she did some driving herself!
 When it was time for the 'party' part, Nolan seemed overwhelmed.  It was very loud, then Chuck E came out to greet the guests- Nolan was scared of him.  So he got his 'scared' expression on his face and kept it there for most of the party.
 We sang happy birthday!
 And then he went in the ticket blaster, which was super fun to watch a kid who's never seen something like this put on goggles and go in.  On Friday you'll enjoy a video of him in the blaster.  But here he is, coming out of the ticket blaster- with tickets on his shoulder and tucked into the goggles.  He looks a little scared...
He had a great time!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Celebration at School

On Thursday we celebrated Nolan's birthday at school.  I was invited to read his favorite book to his class.  There were many discussions about which book was appropriate and unfortunately several that were vetoed such as Horton Hears a Who (too long) and Polar Express (too long) and a comic book (not easy to read outloud) and a 4 page word book about gardening () and a book about manners (too short).
Emily was thrilled to have roaming ability in this classroom.  Ooh so many things to put in her mouth!  
  I read Big Chickens Fly the Coop.  It is a silly story, Nolan was a little funny about the attention- he wouldn't wear his birthday crown, he didn't want to sit next to me but rather with his friends.
 He also refused the offer to sing happy birthday.  
But I think he loved it.  We talked about it so much and he seemed to have a really great day!  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Whoa, what a great weekend this guy had.  He is currently sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag on the floor of his bedroom.  Not to mention he's sleeping in underwear- big day for this kid.  Yep, so he's enjoying some indoor camping.
 I'll take a photo of him in the tent soon, my camera was dropped on saturday and the flash doesn't seem to be working so sorry for the lack of  photos.  Here are some from our aquarium trip- we had a wonderful time, especially with the penguins and belugas.
 Nolan really loves the belugas and Emily did too!
 And frosting, he really loves frosting.
He had a really great birthday.  Thank you to all who help make him feel really special.  He is really loved.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Hat

how stinking cute is this hat?  (Emily's, not Dave's)
Seriously, she looks like so cute.   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Launch Trampoline Park

So I'm trying hard to get out of the house.  It's been hard with the schedules, the nursing, the preschool, the classes we are signed up for, the weather etc but enough is enough, people!  I need to get out!   Nolan has been doing really well playing inside with his toys but I miss going out and doing new things with him.  He really loves doing things (anything really) and I forgot how much I do too.
So Emily, Nolan and I decided to try Launch, a trampoline 'park' in Hartford.  They have a toddler playtime on Friday mornings so off we went.   
 And WOW, it was a blast.  I had fun. Emily had fun, after the initial warm-up to it and Nolan had a BLAST!  I kind of wish there were some non-parent adults there showing the kids what kind of crazy jmps they could.  A few dads were jumping really high- something that's a bit more challenging for moms of toddlers...  
 A few times I just put Emily down on the green part (which is not bouncy) and just went for it.  I could jump high enough to land on my bummah and then jump back to my feet.  The 'walls' are also trampolines which would be SOO cool for someone adventurous to do some crazy flips.
Nolan really enjoyed running back and forth over the trampolines which was fine with me.  Emily liked to do some bouncing too after a while.  This place was great, we had fun.  We look forward to going again.