Sunday, December 14, 2014


After 20 minutes of trying to convince Nolan to go to see Santa on Thursday and some serious negotiations (he was not going to sit on his lap) we got there and realized Santa called in sick.  So this afternoon I again tried to convince Nolan to go to see Santa and he refused.  He did not want to go.  I told him it was fine for him not to go but Santa might be sad to not see Nolan.  Then Nolan started with negotiations again- can I get a candy cane if I won't sit on Santa's lap?  Then I asked this question: Are you worried Santa will tell you that you're on the naughty list?  And Nolan nodded and mumbled something.  A-HA, I figured it out!  So the boy does have a conscience?  So after some discussions and more negotiations we went to see Santa.  
 And Santa was amazing.  I told Santa that Nolan was concerned that he was on the naughty list and Santa discussed with Nolan that he was on the nice list but he needs to 'turn his listening ears on' and 'listen to Mom' if he wants to stay on the nice list.  (Seriously, we did not have a side discussion about this.)  Santa talked about how he used to be on the naughty list but he has seen improvements like playing nice with his sister and listening to Mom but he needs to keep it up.  (I stared in awe at this miracle taking place in front of me.)  It was amazing.  Until Santa looked up at Emily...
 Santa thought he'd help out by putting Emily back in the shopping cart, not realizing of course that Emily doesn't like people touching her especially men with big white beards and bellies that shake when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.
 Needless to say she was not excited to see Santa.  She did however LOVE the candy cane.  She calmed down once we started walking away and even said 'bye-bye' to Santa.  And Nolan seems very excited about his change in status.
I love Santa's expression at Emily screaming at him
 Once we got back to the car Nolan said 'Oh no, I forgot to ask Santa something, I want to go back!' so back we go (there was no line) and Nolan then asked Santa is Mom was on the nice list too.  Yes, Nolan showed concern for me or was about to plead unfairness since he and I tend to have similar naughty behavior.  Santa asked why I might be on the naughty list and I told him that I yell sometimes.  Then Santa turned to Nolan and said 'Nolan if you turn your listening ears on all the time Mom will yell less often but Mom is doing a great job and yes she is on the nice list this year too'.  I am not making this up.  This is Santa.  
Also a favorite- the sheer terror on her face says it all

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