Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Fest

Our neighboring town has a Fall Fest.  This festival is one of my favorite events all year.
Its everything you need and want for kids without the extra stuff.  There are rides, games, naughty food, live band, bon fire and fireworks at 7:15.  There are no booths selling crafts or jams or giving away 'free' estimates to updated windows.  I LOVE this festival. 
 This was the first place we put Emily on her own ride and she loved it!  I love the picture of her with her elbow hanging out of the car side at the top!
 This was back when my mom was visiting!  She had a great time too!
And while I expected Nolan to be a lot more amazed by the fireworks, I do love the photos of them seeing fireworks for the first time. Nolan thought they were too loud.  
 Emily liked them!

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