Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

This guy has been begging me to carve pumpkins since the day he was born... well, ok, not really but just about!  Last year we painted pumkins.  The year before we, well, actually I have no idea what we did two years ago but we have never actually cut into a pumpkin.
Until this year.  And look at the joy on his face!  It was so much fun!  He got a pumpkin at preschool and drew on it with markers and that day he asked if we could carve it.  We were (miraculously) running somewhat on-time with our day so I said sure and we did! 
 There was no big plan about what the face would look like, we briefly drew it out on a paper and then drew the face on the pumpkin.  I bought some special carving tools (probably 3 years ago) and he was super excited to do this.  And I will saw, those tools made all the difference.  He went to town and I felt relatively sure he wouldn't cut his hand off!
I look watching him focus and work.  He is so very easily distracted so for him to be excited about and focus on a task for 20 minutes was really awesome.  And the pumpkin is so darn cute!

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