Friday, October 10, 2014


We get busy.  I used to resent when people called me a 'stay at home mom' because we never stayed home.  We were and still are always on the go.  Most mornings the first thing Nolan says to me is 'what are we doing today?'  Last week I had a very busy and hellish week.  This week was full but not necessarily more full than normal but then Wednesday evening hit... and it was a full moon... and I KNEW we needed to regroup.  We needed a day off from all of our plans to hang home, to play in our house, with just us, and veg out.
Unfortunately Nolan lost video time so there was no tv watching which I was a little concerned about but actually the day went really well.  We pulled out a painting craft for Nolan that he was given for his birthday.  HE LOVED IT!  Then I gave him a new toy which he loved.   
 The toy was a two person toy which he could play by himself which was great too!  And when Emily slipped in the tub and smashed her cheek on the wall Nolan was occupied.  And then 20 minutes later when Emily shut her finger in the door, bled all over the place and then wanted some serious hugs and snuggles, he was occupied.  And the day was AWESOME!
Emily and her Batman bandaid
It was exactly what we needed.  Sometimes we all need to recognize what we need and then make it happen.  We all needed a day off.  And it was blissful.  And Emily's finger is fine, just a cut.  (I am well aware that this day off could have gone terribly bad.  I'm thankful it went beautifully good)

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