Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of PreSchool

Like many things in parenting, the 'first' time they do something isn't as crystal clear as you would expect.  Starting from first smile (was it gas?) to first words (I think that was 'dog'), first tooth (when was it first sharp?  Or visible?) and even first steps (was it a step?  Or a stumble that he landed?) many things are not very clear which makes for filling in the baby book a challenging task.  
Surprisingly Nolan's 'first' day of pre-school is also not very clear, nor was it last year when it actually was his first day of pre-school.  This year he's doing pre-school again or "Pre-School 4s" as it's called at our preschool, despite him graduating last spring.   
 And, like last year, there was a parent/child visit to school for 1 hour- was this the first day?.  Last year there was also a day where they only went to school for 1 hour by themselves- was that the first day?  When exactly was the 'first' day?
 Well, this year I decided the first day was the parent/child visit.  He got to meet his teachers, one is the same from last year.  He got to see his classroom, the same as last year.  He got to meet some classmates, mostly the same from last year.  He got to play on the playground- yes, the same as last year.  And here are his pictures from said first day.
 Nolan has decided that he'd like to be a hockey player when he grows up.  This has recently changed from a baseball player on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays and a mountain climber on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (he'll do both on Fridays) and Saturdays.  Sunday he will have no job.
 While I don't have cats I do understand the term herding cats and can be replaced with trying to take pictures of two kids who never stop moving.  So here are some pictures of them both- constantly moving.
 They crack me up.
 And oh, you know, the obligatory 'bite my finger while I'm sticking my tongue out' photo

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