Friday, September 5, 2014

Body Surfing

The surf was really rough this year, in NJ.  The first few days the wind was WHIPPING on the beach.  One day no one was allowed to use the body boards.  Most days the life guards were blowing their whistles because the RIP currents were really aggressive and people would drift out of the swimming area.  And generally if you were farther than waist deep in the water the lifeguards called you into shore.  If you were hips deep, the waves would crush your shoulders and empty to lower than your knees.  Big waves.  The way I like them.  And Nolan too!
He begged to bring a body board to the beach so we got one, he was super excited to use it.  I worried it'd be one more thing to fiddle with and he'd get clobbered by the waves so much it was scare me but it wasn't.  Once he got the hang of it, this kid was flying on the waves.  FLYING! 
 He zipped around on that board all week (except for the day the lifeguards weren't allowing it).  And seriously, look at his face.  LOOK at it.  Sheer joy!  He LOVED it.  One day the waves were not as aggressive and I could give him a longer leash, let him go on his own and then I started body surfing too!  Man, I forgot just how much fun that was!  Nolan thought I was amazing, too, by doing it without a board and it reminded me of many a vacations where my Dad would come out into the water and bodysurf in the waves with us.  It was a really special moment to remember that.  I hope Nolan remembers something like that one day in 25 years or so!  
 The best part was he didn't get frustrated, throw a fit or get mad at me or Dave one single time while out there bodyboarding.
He just laughed, smiled, giggled and had fun.  We all did!  Except for that ONE wave that clobbered me and Nolan so severely we decided to sit out for a little bit.  But that was just one wave out of thousands!  And while very scary at the time, it did not damper Nolan's fun.  And mine either!

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