Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Trip

I've been going to the zoo since Nolan was just a little tyke on my birthday.  This year with Dave taking the day off we braved it to the Bronx Zoo.  The weather and traffic did not totally cooperate, but everything else lined up perfectly!
So a weird fact about me, I'm pretty terrified of gorillas.  Yep, totally random but I am.  And even though I did nearly pee my pants when the gorilla 'tapped' (slammed its fist) on the glass while we were viewing it, this was my favorite part of our trip. 
 There were 5 adults and one baby for us to view.  It was so very cool.  Their habitat is amazing, they were so active and curious. 
 One of our other favorite parts was when the zebra chased off a peacock from the enclosure then bounded back to it's mates and kicked them too.  Really fascinating.  
 Here's Emily giving us directions
 The polar bear was passed out cold on this rock until some workers backed a truck up.  The bear, thinking something exciting was happening, perked up, started trotting around and climbing up and down the stairs.  It was so cool.  Bummer for the bear, they were just decorating with bales of hay, the walkway.
 And there was an adult and two baby snow leopards to watch too!  One was just waking up from a snooze giving a nice yawn (not a growl)
This was a super fun day!  I had a great birthday!

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