Thursday, September 25, 2014


I'm getting braver. I can feel it. Like for example a few days ago when we went to go get Nolans haircut.  And the kids were both handling things well I decided to take them out for lunch just on a whim and it was completely successful.

Some days I am challenged and some are getting easier but it is days like this one that make me feel strong and happy!  And we had lots of fun!  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Superheros

A friend had a superhero birthday party and we got the kids costumes!  
 It was a lot of fun!
 But strange to see superheros doing normal things, like swinging or sliding.
 They sure are cute!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Trip

I've been going to the zoo since Nolan was just a little tyke on my birthday.  This year with Dave taking the day off we braved it to the Bronx Zoo.  The weather and traffic did not totally cooperate, but everything else lined up perfectly!
So a weird fact about me, I'm pretty terrified of gorillas.  Yep, totally random but I am.  And even though I did nearly pee my pants when the gorilla 'tapped' (slammed its fist) on the glass while we were viewing it, this was my favorite part of our trip. 
 There were 5 adults and one baby for us to view.  It was so very cool.  Their habitat is amazing, they were so active and curious. 
 One of our other favorite parts was when the zebra chased off a peacock from the enclosure then bounded back to it's mates and kicked them too.  Really fascinating.  
 Here's Emily giving us directions
 The polar bear was passed out cold on this rock until some workers backed a truck up.  The bear, thinking something exciting was happening, perked up, started trotting around and climbing up and down the stairs.  It was so cool.  Bummer for the bear, they were just decorating with bales of hay, the walkway.
 And there was an adult and two baby snow leopards to watch too!  One was just waking up from a snooze giving a nice yawn (not a growl)
This was a super fun day!  I had a great birthday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Guess Who's Hair Is Long Enough For a Ponytail?

Did you guess right?
This kid is so funny!  We've talked about cutting his hair but decided not to, he doesn't want to and it doesn't really matter to us.  So why not put it in a ponytail? 
 He makes me laugh so much

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of PreSchool

Like many things in parenting, the 'first' time they do something isn't as crystal clear as you would expect.  Starting from first smile (was it gas?) to first words (I think that was 'dog'), first tooth (when was it first sharp?  Or visible?) and even first steps (was it a step?  Or a stumble that he landed?) many things are not very clear which makes for filling in the baby book a challenging task.  
Surprisingly Nolan's 'first' day of pre-school is also not very clear, nor was it last year when it actually was his first day of pre-school.  This year he's doing pre-school again or "Pre-School 4s" as it's called at our preschool, despite him graduating last spring.   
 And, like last year, there was a parent/child visit to school for 1 hour- was this the first day?.  Last year there was also a day where they only went to school for 1 hour by themselves- was that the first day?  When exactly was the 'first' day?
 Well, this year I decided the first day was the parent/child visit.  He got to meet his teachers, one is the same from last year.  He got to see his classroom, the same as last year.  He got to meet some classmates, mostly the same from last year.  He got to play on the playground- yes, the same as last year.  And here are his pictures from said first day.
 Nolan has decided that he'd like to be a hockey player when he grows up.  This has recently changed from a baseball player on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays and a mountain climber on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (he'll do both on Fridays) and Saturdays.  Sunday he will have no job.
 While I don't have cats I do understand the term herding cats and can be replaced with trying to take pictures of two kids who never stop moving.  So here are some pictures of them both- constantly moving.
 They crack me up.
 And oh, you know, the obligatory 'bite my finger while I'm sticking my tongue out' photo

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Last Day of Vacation

The last day of our vacation we planned to go to the beach in the morning and afternoon.  While I was pretty done with the beach and sun (and sunscreen and all the gear necessary) I wanted to really get the most of it.  And Emily SURE did.  She ended up getting crushed by a wave.  
Generally her trips to the beach went like this: arrive, walk straight into the giant crushing waves, play for 30 minutes or so in the water and then sit on the blanket and eat the rest of the time.  It isn't a bad set up except the last day she was beat.  And then got crushed.  If you look closely you can see all the sand on her face.  She wouldn't let me brush it off. 
 Then she took a nap in the Ergo carrier because she was just exhausted (vacation is tiring, all that eating can make a girl very tired).  It was a nice day and a nice little nap on mom - i always love those.  
This wraps up our vacation stories and posts.  We love Ocean City!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Go Irish!

How stinking cute is this picture?  She immediately wanted the tutu off, I'm not sure if it because it feels itchy or because these days she prefers to be naked.  This photo is a gem!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Body Surfing

The surf was really rough this year, in NJ.  The first few days the wind was WHIPPING on the beach.  One day no one was allowed to use the body boards.  Most days the life guards were blowing their whistles because the RIP currents were really aggressive and people would drift out of the swimming area.  And generally if you were farther than waist deep in the water the lifeguards called you into shore.  If you were hips deep, the waves would crush your shoulders and empty to lower than your knees.  Big waves.  The way I like them.  And Nolan too!
He begged to bring a body board to the beach so we got one, he was super excited to use it.  I worried it'd be one more thing to fiddle with and he'd get clobbered by the waves so much it was scare me but it wasn't.  Once he got the hang of it, this kid was flying on the waves.  FLYING! 
 He zipped around on that board all week (except for the day the lifeguards weren't allowing it).  And seriously, look at his face.  LOOK at it.  Sheer joy!  He LOVED it.  One day the waves were not as aggressive and I could give him a longer leash, let him go on his own and then I started body surfing too!  Man, I forgot just how much fun that was!  Nolan thought I was amazing, too, by doing it without a board and it reminded me of many a vacations where my Dad would come out into the water and bodysurf in the waves with us.  It was a really special moment to remember that.  I hope Nolan remembers something like that one day in 25 years or so!  
 The best part was he didn't get frustrated, throw a fit or get mad at me or Dave one single time while out there bodyboarding.
He just laughed, smiled, giggled and had fun.  We all did!  Except for that ONE wave that clobbered me and Nolan so severely we decided to sit out for a little bit.  But that was just one wave out of thousands!  And while very scary at the time, it did not damper Nolan's fun.  And mine either!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boardwalk Rides

We also got to do some fun boardwalk rides.
We were a little surprised at what Nolan chose to do, obviously not the cars but these ones whip the kids around the corners.  He loved this!   
 We were pleasantly surprised!
 The bumper cars were super fun too!  Though he was too small to ride solo.
 Then he chose to go on this ride.  He rode it all by himself (because neither of us could watch it, let alone go on it with him!).  
We spent 3 afternoons on the boardwalk doing rides.  It was awesome, the right size and speed for a kid his age.  He loved it!  We had loads of fun!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mini Golf with Kids (Vacation!)

When playing mini-golf with kids, it might be best to find a way to put your little child in jail.  Or the crows nest.
 Because otherwise, she does this.  And then screams when you take back your ball to putt it.  Or then chases the putt and picks up the ball and chews on it.  Though if you get a hole in one, she's an excellent ball retriever. 
 Nolan begged to play mini golf every day on our vacation.  We played two times.  The second time I had her on my back in the ErgoBaby and she lasted only 10 holes (I forfeited the game but realized only after that she was probably hungry)
All kidding aside, mini golf was very fun.  Nolan had a blast!  Dave and I got to work on our short game and this course was perfect for little kids (as is Ocean City in general).We had an awesome awesome trip to NJ.  We can't wait to go back next year!!