Sunday, July 20, 2014

Twenty Three Hours Away

For the first time ever (well, except to have Emily) Dave and I were away from our children.  Dave's cousin got married outside of Boston and my wonderful, amazing, kid-less friend watched Nolan and Emily for 23 hours.  

Dave and I were excited about this night- we both bought new clothes, I got new jewels and shoes and we felt like a million bucks.  It was fun, a nice marriage (see what I did there?) of date-night and family time.  We enjoyed a nice meal, some wine and a big giant hotel bed!  It was really wonderful.  And so unbelievably special to have an opportunity to get away.  I woke up panicky wondering how Emily was doing (she was fine).  Apparently Nolan wasn't behaving great this morning but that's typical.  There's a strange satisfaction of having Nolan act up for others- almost to show that I'm not just making it all up.  He's a handful, that's for sure.  Regardless, I know Ariana could handle anything he threw at her and I am so grateful for her willingness to watch them so we could get away.

Of course after being so excited about my dress/accessory combo Dave's Aunt arrived wearing the EXACT same dress.  We both looked stunning and had a great time!

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