Monday, July 7, 2014

Table Top S'Mores

We are trying to enjoy ourselves but also not pack our weeks too full.  July looks fun and busy and exciting!  But our Fourth of July weekend was surprisingly empty.  And we needed it!
We had a week straight of busy times, nights out, babysitters and parties.  It's been non stop.  Add in the morning nap is no longer, it's been a hectic week  So this weekend was LOVELY!  We had a day in, cleaned and vacuumed.  Dave and I watched a movie (GASP!) and just chilled. 
 On Saturday, after the monsoon passed, we had a picnic (the food was pretty darn delish for a picnic too) and then we headed home to do this.  
I confess it did take two trips to the store since i didn't buy the right charcoal at first.  Regardless, it was so much fun! 
And quite easy, now that we have all the proper stuff I plan on making s'mores all the freaking time!  YUM!

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