Sunday, July 13, 2014

Road Race

This weekend Nolan and I ran a road race.  He did the 100 yard race and I ran a 5k.  It was SO much fun watching this kid, though we did not prepare him well for it since about 25 yards from the finish line he stopped running and looked around (to be fair there were a bunch of people standing around BEFORE the finish line).
 Instead of giant t-shirts, they give kids capes which looks totally awesome and who doesn't love a cape?
 And, not to brag but seriously, check out how far ahead Nolan was of the next contestant?  He certainly had on his fast shoes! 

I had a good run too!  I felt good, I pushed it hard and feel proud of my race.  I ran the whole time, I finished strong and almost enjoyed it.  Hopefully I'll get to the point of 'enjoying' running someday.  But I feel proud!  Of myself and of Nolan!

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