Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Oh I could go on and on (and I do!) about how different these kids are.  While Nolan really liked soft things he used to do somewhat inappropriate things with them like walk up to women sitting on the floor and rub their hair on his bare belly...  meanwhile Emily snuggles with things that I'd like to think is a bit more typical.  And freaking adorable.  She is really snuggly lately, especially with the only stuffed animal that Nolan doesn't have to share. But he gets distracted and she'll carry Spiderman around snuggling with him.  

She's also begun sleeping with a bunny that we call Hop Hop.  It is really precious how much she loves these things and how she talks about them. So here's a shot of her doing a double up- she's got Lambie and Hop Hop.  Oh and the way she says Lambie is so darn precious.  

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