Monday, June 30, 2014

Trip To The Zoo

Seriously!  Who are those cutie patootie kids holding hands?
Oh, that's right, it's my kids.  Wow, since when does Nolan hold Emily's hand like that?  So darn cute!  And here's the girls: 
 Nolan was very very excited about this trip to the zoo.  Similar to the last trip to the zoo, we talked at length about what animals would be there etc.  He was excited to see the animals.  He was excited to see the cousins, Auntie, Uncle and Nana too!
 I wished I could get Emily closer to that sign that says 'we bite'.  Beware, she bites too!
 The trip was great, the kids stayed close together well, picnic lunch worked out perfectly and occassionally Nolan would get so into what he was looking at, like this monkey who couldn't quite reach something and tried over and over to reach it in different ways.  it was neat and heartbreaking to watch!
It was a super day which ended a REALLY busy week and kicked off an even busier weekend (three parties to go to)!  Today is our anniversary so more festivities but WHEW!  These kids are beat! And so am I!

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