Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shy Guy

Last weekend Nolan and I went to Steve Songs, A PBS singer. I thought it'd be a lot of fun but unfortunately I was wrong.  Nolan seemed interested in the band for a bit, then he was happy sitting and standing and sitting and sliding off of the auditorium chair.  I'm certain he was oblivious that the singer was actually singing WORDS until half way through the concert. 
 I eventually tricked Nolan to getting up front because I wondered if when he saw other kids dancing and running around he'd let loose and cut a rug.  He did not.  He sat and watched and adamantly did not want to go and dance like bubbles, as many others were doing.
 Much to my surprise, he seemed shy or embarrassed.  He slapped my hands apart if I was clapping along with the song or god forbid, singing!  He just kept saying 'stop it!'  So when Steve called all children who wanted to get up on stage to join him I was SHOCKED when Nolan did.  Sort of.  He went on the other side of the stage at the stop of the stairs.  He turned a lovely shade of scarlet and at one point put his hands in his pant pockets.
For a very brief moment he clapped and sang along but quickly stopped and put his hands back in his pockets.  What a very interesting day.  On the way home he declared he did not like music.  OK buddy, loud and clear.

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