Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Session

Occassionally I try (and Nolan agrees) to let me take some photos.  When that happens, generally it goes like this.  One decent photo but I think I can do better.
Then this begins: 
 And then this:
 then this:
 Then this darling shot!
 goofiness sets in...
 Some tongue raspberries
Still really handsome and charming but the opportunity has passed...
When we're having a great time I don't want to break the spell by grabbing my camera.  Either Nolan goes and hides (i'm sorry mom and dad, I know I used to do this all the time.  ALL the time) or Emily sits in my lap to look at the photos we've already taken and the moment is gone/past forever.  Which is the reason I stopped doing the #100happydays challenge on facebook.  I ended up getting more frustrated at trying to capture my happy moment each day.  I'm just enjoying those moments now rather than interrupting them!  And I think I'm happier for it!

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