Monday, June 30, 2014

Trip To The Zoo

Seriously!  Who are those cutie patootie kids holding hands?
Oh, that's right, it's my kids.  Wow, since when does Nolan hold Emily's hand like that?  So darn cute!  And here's the girls: 
 Nolan was very very excited about this trip to the zoo.  Similar to the last trip to the zoo, we talked at length about what animals would be there etc.  He was excited to see the animals.  He was excited to see the cousins, Auntie, Uncle and Nana too!
 I wished I could get Emily closer to that sign that says 'we bite'.  Beware, she bites too!
 The trip was great, the kids stayed close together well, picnic lunch worked out perfectly and occassionally Nolan would get so into what he was looking at, like this monkey who couldn't quite reach something and tried over and over to reach it in different ways.  it was neat and heartbreaking to watch!
It was a super day which ended a REALLY busy week and kicked off an even busier weekend (three parties to go to)!  Today is our anniversary so more festivities but WHEW!  These kids are beat! And so am I!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Sorry Sorry Sorry.  It's been a while!  Here are some blurbs from me:

  • Today was Nolan's first day of camp.  He was super excited!  And he's super tired.  Win Win!

  • Emily is moving on to a bigger girl cup.  She totally gets the hang of it, understands how to drink without choking but finds it really interesting to pour it out... baby steps.  Speaking of bigger girl, she is starting to give up her morning nap which is great but leaves me in the great unknown about her routine for right now.  we're trying things out. 

  •  We've begun to let Emily sleep with her bunny who we call Hop Hop.  She does seem to love her little soft pals which is so unbelievably darling.  

  •  A few weeks ago we introduced Emily to the splash pad.  I thought she'd totally love it but she didn't really seem crazy about it.  Oh well, Nolan loves it still (I was worried he'd be too old)

  • I found a power wheels truck on the side of the road.  I'm so totally excited about it and the kids push it around the house not knowing that it will work electronically but I can't find a battery or charger that works with the plugs so I'm actually considering re-wiring this badboy.  You know, because I don't have enough on my plate!
  • We had a very successful AmeriCorps Alums CT meeting last night, our first annual meeting and raised some funds to help us on our way to raise $1500 to complete a 100 person volunteer event.  It's amazing to be part of something that people work so hard for- a complete volunteer effort. I'm so proud of the Leadership Board
  • Dave and I have been taking golf lessons and having a sitter come so we can go to the driving range together.  It's a lot of fun to do this with him and I hope we get to a point where we're decent enough to enjoy (notice I didn't say 'go') golfing together.
  • I left the kids with a sitter yesterday they met only once.  I left during their naps and the sitter said Emily didn't cry at all (except when the sitter pinched her finger in the door).  This is a HUGE success to us.
  • In a few weeks Dave and I will have our first night away from the kids together.  I'm so grateful for my friend who is babysitting for them so we can attend an out of state wedding (the kids weren't invited).  What a fun and exciting trip!  I even bought a new dress!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mind Blown!

We think Emily likes nothing more than bubbles.  She walks around the house saying 'baboo' looking for the bubbles, if she sees anything resembling bubbles she calls them bubbles (like balloons).  If you blow at her, as if you were blowing out candles, she says baboo.  We have spill proof bubbles that are 'hers' that she just walks around holding sucking on the want. This girls loves her some bubbles.
So on a rare morning bath, she spotted the bubble maker.  I dusted it off and set it up.  It BLEW. HER. MIND. 
 To say she was happy is an understatement.
 It was really fun to watch her.
 Just a very very happy girl!
 I will tuck this one away for a rainy day.  At some point Nolan got into the tub too!  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Session

Occassionally I try (and Nolan agrees) to let me take some photos.  When that happens, generally it goes like this.  One decent photo but I think I can do better.
Then this begins: 
 And then this:
 then this:
 Then this darling shot!
 goofiness sets in...
 Some tongue raspberries
Still really handsome and charming but the opportunity has passed...
When we're having a great time I don't want to break the spell by grabbing my camera.  Either Nolan goes and hides (i'm sorry mom and dad, I know I used to do this all the time.  ALL the time) or Emily sits in my lap to look at the photos we've already taken and the moment is gone/past forever.  Which is the reason I stopped doing the #100happydays challenge on facebook.  I ended up getting more frustrated at trying to capture my happy moment each day.  I'm just enjoying those moments now rather than interrupting them!  And I think I'm happier for it!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

PreSchool 'Graduation'

Nolan had his last day of pre-school 3's today.  they held a little concert and a 'graduation'.  It was cute. 
 Here he is, first day of preschool!
 And his last day...
 He's developing wonderfully and has been a lot of fun to be around these past few weeks!  Emily too!
 He'll do one more year of preschool before kindergarten, I can hardly believe it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sprinkler Fun

Sorry for the delays!  It has been a hectic few weeks and I've been enjoying these kids too much to run and grab the camera.  
After our successful sprinkler play at a friends house we tried it at home.  it was not as successful, the kids hardly went in but we did get to water the lawn, garden and even enjoy a cocktail while sitting in the yard.  A glimpse of the summertime, I hope. 
 They did have a lot of fun, avoiding the sprinkler though!
 And isn't that what it's all about?  Nolan asked if we can make it warmer.  :)
 He's becoming such a big boy and he just needs to be outside so he can run and burn off steam!