Sunday, May 25, 2014

What A Luxury

I didn't snap any photos because cell phones were not allowed in the spa!  Ha, how fantastic.  And what's kind of even more fun is the website doesn't have photos of the spa on it either.  It's my little secret.  But I will describe my two days at the Spa at Norwich Inn, my mother's day gift from my family.

I arrived around 10am on Friday to the inn and my room was ready!  So I checked in, unpacked and grabbed my bathing suit to head down to the spa which is at the other end of the building.  I check into the spa and was given flip flops, a robe, a locker and a tour of the property.  There's a juice bar with drinks (alcoholic and non) and sandwiches and snacks.  There's a pool, gym and workout room where the fitness classes are held.  There is a relaxation room with 8 chaise lounge chairs and blankets, dim lighting and soothing nature music.  In the locker room there is a lounge area with water, tea and fresh fruit (complimentary).  Also are bathrooms, steam room, sauna and hot tub which fits about 12.  There are also showers and vanities.

So I put on my suit and head for the hot tub.  I had an 11:30 facial scheduled so I had some time to relax and enjoy.  I enjoyed the hot tub for about 10 minutes, then headed to the sauna for about 2 (whew, I was hot) and then floated around in the pool to cool off for a bit.  Then I had an orange, some water and relaxed by the pool then headed for the facial.  The facial was amazing!  My face felt so clean and soft and even strangers mentioned how I was 'glowing'.  I then had lunch in the pub- champagne, cheese plate and veggie quesadilla.  YUM!  After lunch I headed back into the spa.  I hung out around the pool for a bit and then back into the hot tub but not for too long because I had a 230 massage.

During my massage I thought to myself  "I'm not sure I've ever felt this relaxed'.  It was wonderful.  Amazing.  After my massage I hung out in the relaxation room which was VERY relaxing.  After I enjoyed that feeling a bit I then headed up for some tea and scones in a very pretty hallway with lovely potted plants. That's when the weather started clearing up and I watched some people sit outside and socialize.  I was enjoying the quiet and stillness of my visit.  It's not very often I can enjoy quiet.  When I do, it is often interrupted by someone else's needs - to go pee, to be awoken from a nap, to need something.  So to have such stillness and quietness was my favorite part of this time away.

After tea I wandered back to the spa.  I had 630pm yoga class and wasn't really sure what to do with myself, frankly.  I didn't want to go in the hot tub again, it was so very hot so I decided I'd be done with that.  I showered and then headed outside with a glass of wine to flip through a very new-age magazine.  Then I just sat and enjoyed the garden (ha, which is funny because the garden is one of my bigger stressors but to enjoy someone else's was lovely).  Then I headed inside for my yoga class which was a bit more challenging than I was looking for but still lovely.  I had an 8pm dinner reservation.

I headed to dinner, ordered dessert (ooh la la) and went to bed at 10pm in my giant king sized bed.  The next morning I woke up at 656am... really?  I felt great though so I lounged in bed for a bit, had a lovely breakfast at the restaurant and headed down to the spa for a guided meditation which I really really loved.  After that I went into the relaxation room for about an hour, just relaxing and reading my book.  I had another spa treatment at 11:30, a body polish which was different than I though- very rough and left me feeling scraped and sore but I'm glad I did it!  Then I shopped in the boutique and headed up for lunch, then back to the relaxation room for more quiet time and then I packed up and headed home.

This trip really invigorated me.  It was so lovely to have time away and alone.  It's strange, I feel like I'm not ever alone and yet I feel like I'm too often alone.  So to have this and to indulge and to pamper and to be still was so very special.  I loved it.  I loved my time there.  And like a visit to Hawaii, words just don't really describe how you feel when you are there.  There is just something about it.  It was really wonderful.  Thank you to my lovely husband for treating me to this.  You have no idea how much I needed this!

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