Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visit to the Zoo and Learning as I Go

My mom was visiting this weekend and on Friday we went to the zoo.  It was a great trip, the perfect size zoo, distance from home etc.  What I'm discovering is that sometimes the most precious moments are the least expected ones.  Like these two looking at ducks.
And unlike this forced photo opp to sit on the alligator. 
 Midway through our day Emily was getting ansy and Nolan started running around, losing control and just needed to blow off some steam so we took a break in front of the Llama.  Emily walked around in an attempt to chase Nolan.
Nolan seemed oblivious to anyone else and just wanted to throw rocks.   So for about 20 minutes we watched a blue blur speed around picking up rocks and throwing them (not in the direction of the llama, of course) and Emily waddling after him.
If we didn't ride the carousel, that would have been my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes its just fun to let them run and do whatever it is they want to do.   But then we rode on the carousel.  This was Emily's first ride and she is a fan.
 I was surprised that she didn't seem scared or nervous, she just enjoyed the wind blowing in her face.  
 Nolan enjoys it too!  
What a great day!  Animals and all!

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