Thursday, May 8, 2014

He Wants To Be A "Worker"

I'm not sure if it was his enthusiasm for the sandbox or if it was the fact that there was a pickup in our driveway, maybe it was the shovels and wheelbarrow or that his 'pal' Joe was helping but Nolan was SO determined to be a worker when we got sand for the sandbox.
He blasted out of the house, shovel in hand (and sneakers on) and insisted on helping. 
 He watched how Joe used the big shovel and Nolan did the same, used the same movements and was angry that he couldn't push the wheelbarrow.  But he was a worker this day.
 And he even got to drive the wheelbarrow- quite a wobbly driver!
Sometimes if you ask Nolan what he wants to be when he grows up he says he wants to be a worker (specifically one that fixes ceiling fans and builds houses).  I think he will be handy.  He always needs to help and can often be quite helpful.  He's a busy little bee!

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