Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy First Birthday Emily!

For Emily's birthday we went to Magic Wings, the butterfly conservatory.  Well actually we did a ton of things but first we went here.
I was worried Emily wouldn't be interested in the butterflies but she was.  Oh she was.  Pointing and walking around stopping and watching.  It was so very fun! 
 She really enjoyed sitting on the benches.  And tackling Nolan.
 Our kids were tired, maybe it was the heat and humidity in the conservatory or some weird act of nature but we were all exhausted by 11:15am.
 Nolan's favorite part is the fish. And while we were at the fish pond a butterfly landed on his head and a second one landed on me, then a third landed on his head.  
 We had some mid-day cupcakes.  Emily really likes cupcakes.
 And frosting.
 Then we went to the playground, then an Easter egg hunt, then home for presents and pizza.
She seems to like this one, given to her by Nolan, of course. 
My favorite part of the day... there wasn't just one - everything was great, except for how tired we all were.  Everything, behaviors, naps, food, trips, playground, friends etc.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the little one's special day.  Happy Birthday Emily!  What a year it has been!

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