Monday, April 28, 2014

Building A NapTime Sandbox

Dad, this one is for you.  I built this sucker.  ALL BY MYSELF (well, Dave held up the sides at the very end).  I thought it up, drew up the dimensions, got the supplies (all in one trip) and built it.  DURING NAPTIME!  I actually made Dave stop and admire it when we were finished.  
As a full-time/stay at home mom I rarely complete any task that does just begin again.  Sure I do laundry, cook a meal, pick up or clean but then in a few days that needs to be done again.  There is almost never that I can stand back and admire my work.  Almost never.  

So I looked into buying a large sand box and the costs were over $220 at the cheapest.  It seems absurd to require that much money to build a box with square corners... it just seemed silly.  So I thought about it all winter.  I considered how I'd reinforce it.  I thought about the weed/drainage issues.  I even borrowed a saw which I didn't end up using.  I built this during naptime.  Actually, I did most of the construction during a single naptime.  It took like 1 hour of actual work.  I feel awesome.  

So we just need to level the ground inside and smother those dang ground cover flowers inside (hence the cardboard box).  I'm going to caulk the corners and the seams since there is one spot there is a gap where sand could drain out.  I will add some weed cloth and fill it with sand next weekend with the help of our neighbor with a pickup.  I can't wait.  

The total cost of this 4'x6'x10" including caulking, sand and cover will be $120.  INCLUDING 1/2 YARD OF SAND!

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