Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Moms4Moms Day #Moms4moms

Happy Moms4Moms Day!  Today is a day to celebrate loving more and judging less.  It s a day founded by ctworkingmoms.com and The Bump.  The goal of Moms4moms Day to get all moms on the same page, to stop judging each other for the (very difficult) decisions that every mom (and dad) make for their families.  
Perhaps there should be signs that say "I always read the book", "I just come for the wine" and "bookclub is cheaper than therapy"  
I'm part of the Moms Club of Wethersfield.  It's a really fabulous group that has grown into my 'village' who is helping raise my children and helping me grow as a mother.  In our club our members are full-time working moms, part-time working moms, moms who work to raise and support their family.  There are moms who are breastfeeding their kids and moms who feed their kids formula.  There are moms who support sleep training and moms who support co-sleeping.  And the most amazing part of this club: it is VERY RARE for someone to voice any judgement.  And it's amazing.  It's amazing to feel stuck on a particular parenting topic and reach out to a large group of women to ask their advice and support.  And the best part?  People continue to ask, support and assist with such topic.  When a member is struggling with something there is an amazing outpouring of support to that mom: to watch their kid, to bring them meals, to clean their house, despite our parenting differences.  It's amazing.

So kudos to my village- who already does love more and judge less.

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