Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Launch Trampoline Park

So I'm trying hard to get out of the house.  It's been hard with the schedules, the nursing, the preschool, the classes we are signed up for, the weather etc but enough is enough, people!  I need to get out!   Nolan has been doing really well playing inside with his toys but I miss going out and doing new things with him.  He really loves doing things (anything really) and I forgot how much I do too.
So Emily, Nolan and I decided to try Launch, a trampoline 'park' in Hartford.  They have a toddler playtime on Friday mornings so off we went.   
 And WOW, it was a blast.  I had fun. Emily had fun, after the initial warm-up to it and Nolan had a BLAST!  I kind of wish there were some non-parent adults there showing the kids what kind of crazy jmps they could.  A few dads were jumping really high- something that's a bit more challenging for moms of toddlers...  
 A few times I just put Emily down on the green part (which is not bouncy) and just went for it.  I could jump high enough to land on my bummah and then jump back to my feet.  The 'walls' are also trampolines which would be SOO cool for someone adventurous to do some crazy flips.
Nolan really enjoyed running back and forth over the trampolines which was fine with me.  Emily liked to do some bouncing too after a while.  This place was great, we had fun.  We look forward to going again.  


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