Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kiddo Birthday Party

Nolan's birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese.  He was really excited about this party.  
 Nolan was most excited about the driving game.  And this trip he realized if he sits really far forward he can drive himself!  It was hard to pull him away from this and to get him to go over to the side where all his friends were.  
 Emily was pretty overwhelmed with the noise, lights and being woken up early.  So she snuggled with Dave, which he didn't mind one bit.  Then she did some driving herself!
 When it was time for the 'party' part, Nolan seemed overwhelmed.  It was very loud, then Chuck E came out to greet the guests- Nolan was scared of him.  So he got his 'scared' expression on his face and kept it there for most of the party.
 We sang happy birthday!
 And then he went in the ticket blaster, which was super fun to watch a kid who's never seen something like this put on goggles and go in.  On Friday you'll enjoy a video of him in the blaster.  But here he is, coming out of the ticket blaster- with tickets on his shoulder and tucked into the goggles.  He looks a little scared...
He had a great time!

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